A Book Review of Remarkable

Remarkable, written by Lizzie K. Foley and published in 2012, is one of my favorite books. It follows the adventures of Jane, an average girl, Captain Rojo Herring, the captain of a pirate ship, and the Grimlet twins, Eddie and Melissa. It is one of my all time favorites because it shows the typical struggle of a young girl in a not-so-typical place, creating more challenge and layers in the story. I also like how the author exaggerates Jane’s normality, while showing all of her little quirks and specialties. I recommend this book to anybody who is looking for a more simple read, and has read something like After Iris, by Natasha Farrant, or enjoys comical and sarcastic writing.


Just a Thought

I was thinking…

What if?

No. Why?

But how?

Why did the moon jump over the cow?



Why did the lambs lose their little Mary?

That’s not right.


Why did Jack Jill down the hill?


I give up.


That was just a random little item I thought might be challenging and funny to read. I don’t know what it is called in literary terminology, but I just wanted to write something strange and funny so that’s what this is.